Monday, December 20, 2010

He smiles!

Clark is having a few issues sleeping the second half of the night. These issues have coincided with his parents also having difficulty sleeping during the same time period! Even with a varied sleeping schedule, Clark is a morning person. His best smiles are in the morning!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy One Month!!

We can't believe our little man is already one month old! We are so lucky to have a happy healthy little boy! Mark or I will try to update at least once a month with his milestones, likes and dislikes and of course his little adventures.

One Month Milestones:
- He no longer cries during tummy time. He seems content to look around and he typically brings his fist to his mouth. Mark and I are afraid that he is going to be a thumb sucker like I was!
- He can grasp objects with his hands. This includes our hands and objects that are dangled in front of him.
- He sleeps well through the first half of the night. (I am knocking on wood!) The second half of his bedtime sleep is a little more rocky.
- He listens to stories during his alert time. His favorite story (aka Mom's favorite story) is To Market To Market. It is a very funny story that is a twist on the Mother Goose version. Clark and I laugh every time we read it.
- He is starting to make eye contact with us for longer periods of time. Since he can now see 12 inches, I believe he recognizes Mark's and my face.

What he loves (note that most of his loves deal with motion):
- Bouncing in someone's arms or in his bouncy chair
- Dancing
- Going up and down stairs
- Car rides
- Hair dryers
- Going on walks
- Swing
- Music
- Sleep Sheep

What he does not love:
- bath time
- being naked
- diaper changes
- University of kansas

Below are pictures from the first month:

The Clarks came to visit!

Clark's shirt says "100% Good Most of the Time"!
Clark's first Missouri game. We beat Iowa State!
Clark's first Thanksgiving with the Pogemillers! He wore three Thanksgiving themed shirts that day: "I'm Stuffed," "My First Thanksgiving," and our favorite"I'm Thankful for Mommy and Daddy"
Uncle Bret visited us the day after Thanksgiving!
The Pogemillers again!

Nona came back to help us out!
Clark's first visit with Santa. He was able to meet him at our neighborhood children's party.
Clark's buddy Rex!
Clark dressed up in his warmest outfit. The high that day was in the 30s!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nancy Wins the Baby Pool!!

Congratulations to my Aunt Nancy for winning the baby pool!! She guessed that we were having a boy on November 17th. She also guessed that the baby would be over 7lbs. When Nancy asked me to put in her guess, I balked at the idea of having a 7 lb baby. Both Mark and I were small babies and a 7lb baby sounded huge! Nancy - we will bring you a little prize when we come to Austin for the holidays!

It is a boy!

After 41 weeks of waiting, our little bundle of joy finally decided he was ready to enter the world! I want to first set up the timeline, so that we will remember it too. On Sunday night, I was having regular contractions and we decided to go to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital in my typical perky demeanor and filled out our hospital forms (all indicators that I was actually not in labor!). To my disappointment, I had only dilated to 1 cm. Mark and I returned home and prepared for another day of no baby.

Literally twenty-four hours later, I was having regular painful contractions. We decided to go back to the hospital. This time I was dilated to 6 cm and was checked in! We were going to meet this baby soon. After being transferred to our labor and delivery room, we called my parents to let them know. Initially they were going to wait to drive up that morning, but after 30 minutes they decided to drive up to Oklahoma City in the middle of the night.

After 15 hours of labor, Clark Thomas Pogemiller entered the world! Mark and I both suspected that we were having a boy, but it was so cool to have Mark share the news with me. Clark weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz and he was 19.5 inches.

Clark shares his birthday with his Grandpa Pogemiller. He was also born on the day that Oklahoma became a state!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our newest trick for getting BP out of the womb!

As you all know, I have passed my due date. My last day of work was last Friday, so I have been sitting around googling ways to naturally induce. I have gone on tons of walks, eaten pineapple, made spicy dishes, cleaned the entire house and anything else other women have suggested. In the end, Mark and I believe that the theories are just stories that women tell about what they did the day before they went into labor.

Our child is too smart to fall for some of these old wives' tales. Now, Mark and I didn't know how smart BP was until a few weeks ago. Mark received a letter from the 2011 LeadAmerica Conference.

In the letter, there was a certificate of recognition that stated "In Recognition of Academic Excellence, Extracurricular Involvement and Leadership Potential the Board of Directors and Honorary Board of Advisors Invite Child of Mark Pogemiller to attend the 2011 LeadAmerica National Student Conference." We beamed with pride after this letter, but we realize now that we are dealing with a very special child.

So today, we took a different approach to coaxing BP out of the womb. We call the approach "the hook".

Here are some examples of the hook:
1) This morning I read half of "The Little Engine that Could". I didn't finish the book, so BP doesn't know whether the engine makes it over the big hill. Therefore, we have hooked BP into a story that he/she can only hear the ending in the outside world.

2) Mark has been telling the beginning of jokes, but not the punch line. For example, "A priest, a rabbi and superman walk into a bar and the bartender says..." Hooked!

3) Finally, we have narrated all the fun events of today. This morning Mark and I went for walk on a woody path and we marvelled at the foliage, but lamented that only people in the outside world could enjoy this beauty. Hooked!!

I am not sure if the new approach will work, but Mark and I have been hamming it up all day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Waiting Game!

We have officially entered the waiting game! Friday was my last day of work and so now it is really becoming a reality! Mark and I have been enjoying our last few weeks before BP arrives. We went to the OU game last weekend with friends and this weekend we are enjoying more outings with friends. Tomorrow, we are finally going to have brunch at the art museum and enjoy the new exhibit. People keep asking us if we are ready and I think we can both confidently say YES. I mean as ready as you can be!

Below are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks including the home opener for the OKC Thunder game. I have also included the third stage of my elbow process. It is a one size fits all brace, so it fits me perfectly!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyday is a little better!

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since the great fall! Wow! Last Friday, I went in for surgery on my elbow. The surgery went well. Before and after surgery, a labor nurse was sent down to listen to the baby's heartbeat. It was the best sound to hear after the surgery.

The actual surgery took less than two hours. My anesthesiologist thought it would best if I had a block on my left arm. The block would numb my arm for 10-12 hours and would allow me to have less general anesthesia. The block called for a shot between my left shoulder and neck! This shot proved to me that I am no longer in fear of needles! During the surgery, my surgeon drilled two headless screws into my elbow to put everything back in place. The screws are permanent, but they are small enough that I should not set off the metal detectors at an airport. Don't worry I can become a card carrying member of "metal inside me club"! It is real!!

The first 48 hours after the surgery were the worst days of the entire process. I was in constant pain and the medicine was not giving me a break. Mark was so good with me. The first night I woke him up every 30 minutes to do something for me! He was so positive and kept telling me that it would get better. Unfortunately, Mark started his in-patient rotation at the hospital on Sunday. My parents who were in California decided to fly back early, so that my mom could take care of me. Mark and I were SO grateful!! My mom drove me around, sat on our front porch with me and ran out to pick up food and medication! I could never thank Mark or my mom enough for their support!

On Monday, things started to take a turn for the better! Each day has been a little easier. Tomorrow, I go back to the doctor. The plan is to take off the splint. I will then have to wear a brace on my elbow for 6-8 weeks. Of course this will be a challenge since the baby is due in a month, but I keep saying it could have been much worse. Mark and I are just so excited to meet BP that the challenges seem so minor.

Thanks to all of you for your cards, emails, food, rides and support!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/26/10 10:00 AM - Everything changes...

I am going to remember Sept. 26th as the day that changed the answer to every one's favorite question - "How is the pregnancy going?" My typical answer is "Baby and I are doing great. No complaints."

Now my response is "Baby is doing great! I, on the other hand, broke my elbow and have to have surgery on Friday." Yup, you read that correctly broken elbow!!

On Sunday after an awesome weekend, I decided to go for a long walk due to the incredible cooling temperatures that hit OKC. As I walked down the steps of our porch, I missed a step and fell to the ground. After I recovered from the fall and had a very hard cry, Mark drove me to the ER. I was so fortunate because due to being pregnant I was taken to a room with in 5 minutes. Fortunately, we were comforted by BPs heartbeat and the knowledge that I had not fell on my belly. BP also moved frequently during our stay at the ER to demonstrate to worried parents that everything was ok.

Unfortunately, my left arm did not do as well. I broke the joint that connects the upper bone in my arm to my lower two bones. Fortunately, I have a great team of doctors that are going to help. My surgeon (elbow specialist), my anesthesiologist (who works with OB/gyn) consulted with my doctor to come up with a plan that is best for me and baby.

Mark has been AMAZING!! He has waited on me hand and foot. He also is ensuring the best care for me. As many of you know, I am incredible independent, but I could not have survived the past few days with out him! I think it has made us an even better team which will be a benefit to BP.

Mark and I are SO thankful because my mom is coming up today!! Mark had to go back to work today, so my mom is going to take care of me! I am still fairly limited in my activities because they did not set my elbow. We will update the blog after surgery.

Thank you to all that have called, emailed or stopped by to see me!

Great weekend (9/24 - 9/26 10:00 AM)

This past weekend our good friends the Sips and my family came to stay with us. My neighbor threw me a shower so my mom and Traci were able to meet some of my friends in OKC. We had a great time playing with Brett and Jack!! Below are a few pics (we did not take enough pics!):

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BP just keeps on growing...

23 Weeks

25 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

31 Weeks

And counting...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower

Mark and I took our last big road trip before the arrival of BP. We were fortunate to see our good friends Katie & Andy and Jill & Joe as we cheered on the MU Tigers to victory! After the game, we drove to Mark's parents' house. When we arrived at the house, I noticed that the living room and kitchen were covered in baby shower decorations and there was a huge cake on the table. It was a shower for us! After dinner and cake, they gave us one gift which was three Mizzou onesies!!
The next morning when I came downstairs, Mark, Kristin and Carol were all waiting with cameras in hand. I was a little puzzled and I smiled awkwardly until I discovered there were more gifts in the living room!! This was my "shower across the miles"! The shower the night before was a decoy. I was surprised and touched and I also wished that I had taken the time to dry my hair!! It was so cool to have gifts and notes sent from all over the states. We spent the rest of the weekend trying to keep up with our niece and nephew!!

The hostesses!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Jobs!

Mark and I moved to Oklahoma City three years ago because of Mark's military commitment. We thought we would be here three years and then we would begin another adventure in the city of our choosing. After two years in Oklahoma City, we decided that OKC felt like home and we bought our house. Of course, we didn't know about the job prospects for a pediatrician at this point. While we were confident Mark could find a job, it was so important to both of us that he found a job that he loved. Luckily Mark found that job!!

On June 30th, Mark separated from the military and began his civilian career with the University of Oklahoma Children's Hospital providing pediatric primary care services. Mark's official title is Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics! He spends half of his time seeing patients with residents and medical students in the clinic and the other half of his time seeing patients without learners at the Latino Clinic. He still needs to work on his Spanish, but the translators have been great! He loves both jobs, because he gets to teach but also continue to see patients.

Below is a drawing of OU Children's, because it is still under construction. Mark's office is complete and it is on the 12th floor!! He has a window and tons of Mizzou decorations in his office.

As for me, I have been working for the last 9 months at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. The food bank is the largest food bank in the state. We cover 52 counties in Central and Western Oklahoma. Specifically, I have worked as the coordinator of the Food for Kids program. This program provides food to chronically hungry children over the weekend. I have loved this position, but I had been struggling with how to balance working and a new baby. The food bank was incredibly accommodating and is allowing me to come back part-time after the baby is born! I will no longer work with the Food for Kids program, but I will still work in our programs department. My official title will be "Special Projects Coordinator". The position is new and will allow me to work with specific projects that are time sensitive, but also short term. Below is a link to the video on Food for Kids or the backpack program. This program might be also offered at a food bank in your community.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

BP - Boy or Girl - You can guess!

Mark and I thought it would be fun to have a little pool for our friends and family to bet on the gender, due date, weight and length of Baby Poge. We stole this idea from my cousin and his wife. Thanks Charlie & Kristin! We are not sure what the prize will be, but it will be awesome! We might write a blog entirely about the winner! Please guess! The more the better!!

Cut and paste the link below:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


While I was in Austin, Mark picked up our crib. He surprised me by putting it together before I came home! He is the best! Below are pictures of the crib and of decorations for the nursery. I found the animal pictures at an antique shop in OKC. There are 6 pictures in all and we are going to frame them and put them around the nursery. The words are in french which I love!

Wedding in Austin

Last weekend, I went to Austin to celebrate my cousin Carl's wedding. His wife, Julee, is super cool and she has become part of the family. It was an awesome weekend. The only part that was not fun was that Mark couldn't attend.

The highlights of the weekend included:
- The mother/son first dance - Nancy and Carl danced to "Redneck Mother". The whole crowd went wild! I knew my Uncle Fred was smiling!
- I Wish I was a Little Bit Taller - My cousins and I sang and danced to our favorite song circa 1996!
-Little cousins - I loved seeing all of my cousin's children! There are five and they are all adorable.
- Shopping - I went shopping with the cousins and my mom and I got a few maternity clothes. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) It is so much better to have a crowd cheer when you walk out in maternity clothes. It was a much needed self esteem boost.
- Aunt Terry's sayings - My Aunt Terry thinks everything is the best! She exaggerates a lot, but she has the best stories! I want to record her stories and sayings at some point.

Jim and Hayden

Susan, Me and Marjorie
The family minus Mark
Mother/Son dance

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BP is growing...

Just thought everyone would like to see Ellen's progression with the pregnancy. Unfortunately we do not have a "before" picture, but everyone knows how small Ellen is!

12 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks
18 weeks

21 weeks

more to come as time goes on...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Garden

Mark and I decided that we wanted to try to live off the land this summer. We bought one raised bed garden made out of recycled milk containers with the goal of putting nine plants in the space. We also took a class on raised bed gardens from the food bank (my workplace). The class was great, but we learned that we were too late to start our plants from seeds. Therefore we turned to the sales at Lowe's. As many of you know, Mark and I love a deal! It was buy one plant - get one free. Unfortunately, the plants had been picked over, so we didn't get everything we wanted. This summer's garden has a salsa theme. We have four types of peppers, two tomatoes and one okra stalk. (We lost the strawberry plant early on!) You will also notice in the picture that we have some yard art. Mark has wanted an old windmill after seeing one at my cousin's house in Austin. We found one and it has added a special touch to the garden area. The garden has been a big success and we are looking forward to adding more raised beds next summer. Sorry the pictures go from current to begining! I am relearning how to use blogspot!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Blog is Back!!

After a 9 month hiatus, Mark and I have decided to bring the blog back. We are not going to be overly ambitious. The goal will be to post a new story once a week. Our motivation for the blog revival is the upcoming arrival of our baby in November!! We are not finding out the sex of the baby. Since we cannot refer to the baby as a he or a she, we have lovingly nicknamed the baby BP (Baby Poge not the oil company). Please check back often!