Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Jobs!

Mark and I moved to Oklahoma City three years ago because of Mark's military commitment. We thought we would be here three years and then we would begin another adventure in the city of our choosing. After two years in Oklahoma City, we decided that OKC felt like home and we bought our house. Of course, we didn't know about the job prospects for a pediatrician at this point. While we were confident Mark could find a job, it was so important to both of us that he found a job that he loved. Luckily Mark found that job!!

On June 30th, Mark separated from the military and began his civilian career with the University of Oklahoma Children's Hospital providing pediatric primary care services. Mark's official title is Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics! He spends half of his time seeing patients with residents and medical students in the clinic and the other half of his time seeing patients without learners at the Latino Clinic. He still needs to work on his Spanish, but the translators have been great! He loves both jobs, because he gets to teach but also continue to see patients.

Below is a drawing of OU Children's, because it is still under construction. Mark's office is complete and it is on the 12th floor!! He has a window and tons of Mizzou decorations in his office.

As for me, I have been working for the last 9 months at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. The food bank is the largest food bank in the state. We cover 52 counties in Central and Western Oklahoma. Specifically, I have worked as the coordinator of the Food for Kids program. This program provides food to chronically hungry children over the weekend. I have loved this position, but I had been struggling with how to balance working and a new baby. The food bank was incredibly accommodating and is allowing me to come back part-time after the baby is born! I will no longer work with the Food for Kids program, but I will still work in our programs department. My official title will be "Special Projects Coordinator". The position is new and will allow me to work with specific projects that are time sensitive, but also short term. Below is a link to the video on Food for Kids or the backpack program. This program might be also offered at a food bank in your community.