Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clark is Four Months

Hello Mr. Personality! I have to admit that this stage in the baby timeline has been so enjoyable! Clark really embraces the day. He has hit the major milestones for four months. He loves being around people and is recognizing early the laws of cause and effect. If he smiles, then people will not only smile back but praise his ability to smile!

Four month milestones:
- Clark rolls from back to front and front to back. He always starts out on his back at night, but in the morning he is usually curled up on his belly with his bottom in the air.
- He sits with support - Clark can finally sit up in his bumbo.
- He is fascinated with new objects and activities.
- He coos, smiles and wiggles to express pleasure.
- He holds objects for a short period of time. His favorite objects include plastic links and Sheriff Cowhorse.

What he loves:
- Watching other babies. He is fascinated by the kids in his daycare class.
- Talking with others. If Clark is not part of the conversation, thenAdd Image he is going to let you know it. He loves making sounds to bring the focus back to him.
- Singing - His personal favorite songs are the "Wheels on the Bus" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"
- Mornings - He is a child after my own heart. He is so happy in the mornings.
- Books - He thinks he can turn the pages!
- Noise - He has started banging objects and rattling his toys to hear noise.

What he does not love:
- Mike Anderson leaving the Tigers.
- Mark's NCAA bracket.
- Sleeping through the night (at least the past four nights!)
- Being left alone - It is hard for us to step out of the room for even a second.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clark's Baptismal Gown

I decided to have my wedding gown made into a baptismal gown. I honestly don't believe many girls re-wear their mother's wedding gown outside of hollywood movies! And while I believed my gown was classic and timeless, I doubt my daughter would think the same thing. My mom's seamstress in Paris (sounds so fancy!) made the gown and I loved it!! She even created a bonnet for him to wear. I only have two picture on our computer with me in my wedding dress. This picture is Mark and I with two of my best friends from college and we were singing "Like a Prayer". This was the classic Kappa song and is still one of my favorite pictures!

Clark laughing!

Mark does a great job at getting Clark to laugh!!