Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are Okies!!

Mark and I have decided to plant our roots in Oklahoma City!! For the past several years, we always talked about where we would settle down after Mark's military service was over. I don't think Oklahoma was even on the short list during these discussions! But after living here for a year, we have really begun to appreciate the OKC community. It also has major location perks (near both families and in the Big 12) and major conviences (Airport and Amtrak). This is all pretty new to us still but we are excited!!! We are even starting to look at buying a house. As always there is an open invitation to get the royal treatment next time you are coming through Oklahoma!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My first Greyhound Bus Experience

This weekend I had two goals. One, I wanted to get to Dallas to see my friend Catherine and her new home. Two, I needed it to be a one way trip because Mark was on his way back from San Antonio and he was also going to stop in Dallas. I originally thought I would take the train, but low and behold it was sold out! I was very dissappointed, but excited that people were taking advantage of mass transportation. The only other mass transit available to me was Greyhound, so I booked the Friday morning trip.
I actually have to admit that the trip was much better than anticipated. I had a whole bench to myself and we arrived 30 minutes before our arrival time. I did learn a couple of things on the trip.
  • One, DO NOT get to the station early. I asked the lady what time I should arrive and she told me 40 minutes before departure. At first, I wanted to call BS on this woman, but because I lacked any Greyhound experience I took her word for it. We actually departed an hour and a half later!
  • Two, 90% of traveler's smoke. Therefore you make stops at gas stations along the way. The stops will revert you back to high school field trips except that everyone smokes when they get off the bus.
  • Three, my driver actually talked on his cell phone on the trip. I think this should be illegal.
  • Four, the Greyhound was an easy alternative to driving to Dallas. It may not be your best bet for a long distance trip, but short distances are duable and inexpensive.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oklahoma Wind

I am not one to complain about the weather, but I have to admit I hate wind!! You may ask, "How can you hate wind? Wind is a part of mother nature and it cools us off during the long hot summers." I will rephrase, I hate wind in Oklahoma. This morning we are actually under a wind advisory. Wind gusts will reach a speed of 50 mph during the next hour. I am actually considering meeting with community leaders about a retractable fence around the city to improve our quality of life. Roger and Hammerstein were brilliant when they wrote the lyrics to Oklahoma. "When the wind comes sweeping down the plain" now has a totally different meaning to me!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Car!

Anyone who knows Mark and I know that we are not the best at making big decisions. Hence when we decided it was time to purchase a new car for Mark, we knew that the decision would not be easy or quick. Mark spent months searching for the perfect car that met his specific criteria. We drove every car imaginable and we actually settled on each car. Mark, at some point during the search, was convinced he was going to purchase the Accord, Malibu, Focus and Altima. I, as the trusty passenger, encouraged Mark to purchase every car. I am pretty sure I used the phrase, "This is definitely my favorite" a few too many times! But this past Saturday, we finally made the big purchase. We are proud owners of a 2009 Hyundai Sonota!! The exact color and model of car had been dropped off at the dealer that day and it only had 4 miles on it. We took it as a sign!! Now maybe it is time for me to get a Vespa!


We are finally jumping on the blog bandwagon! We have had the good fortune of creating strong friendships with amazing people who live all over the US. We also have large families that stretch across continents that we love. Our blog will allow our friends and family to know a little more about our lives. I don't think Mark and I are exactly sure about the content of our blog, but we hope you will check back often! Cheers!