Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

July = Milestone Explosion!

I can't believe that July is over and we haven't updated you (our loyal reader (s?)) about Clark's milestone explosion. Clark continues to be a happy and excited baby. Everywhere we go people comment about how happy Clark is. They ask us if he is this happy all of the time and we can confidently say yes. Clark at an early age loves people. At restaurants, grocery stores or shops, Clark usually tries to make eye contact with everyone we pass. If theses strangers have happened to miss Clark's gaze, then Clark will try to grab their attention through talk. He will yell out "Ahhhh" or "Dahhh" in hopes of charming them with his words. In general, these strangers cannot resist him!

In July, he accomplished two major milestones. We have a crawler and a clapper! Mark and I love picking up Clark from daycare, because he now claps with excitement to see us! Clark's crawling progression has been gradual. Initially, he would throw his upper body forward and then pull his legs forward. It resembled the worm and was hard to watch. The thrusting of the body forward resulted in a few ruff landings. After a couple weeks of the worm, Clark finally managed to achieve the traditional crawl. He is busy baby! Clark crawls everywhere and Mark and I must be on our toes. We can't leave this baby alone for more than a minute!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More visitors!

My brother and his girlfriend, Dorcas, came to Oklahoma City for the weekend. We had a great weekend! On their first night we went to one of our new favorite food joints Mutts. Mutts is a gourmet hotdog restaurant. It is AMAZING!! They take your favorite type of food and design it into a hotdog. For example, my favorite hot dog is the Slum Dog. The slum dog is a chicken dog with curried cabbage and apple sriaracha. Yum! On Saturday, we went to a guatemalan restaurant for brunch, shopped and bowled. Dorcas had never been bowling and she almost scored in the triple digits! Clark was spoiled by them the entire weekend!