Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our newest trick for getting BP out of the womb!

As you all know, I have passed my due date. My last day of work was last Friday, so I have been sitting around googling ways to naturally induce. I have gone on tons of walks, eaten pineapple, made spicy dishes, cleaned the entire house and anything else other women have suggested. In the end, Mark and I believe that the theories are just stories that women tell about what they did the day before they went into labor.

Our child is too smart to fall for some of these old wives' tales. Now, Mark and I didn't know how smart BP was until a few weeks ago. Mark received a letter from the 2011 LeadAmerica Conference.

In the letter, there was a certificate of recognition that stated "In Recognition of Academic Excellence, Extracurricular Involvement and Leadership Potential the Board of Directors and Honorary Board of Advisors Invite Child of Mark Pogemiller to attend the 2011 LeadAmerica National Student Conference." We beamed with pride after this letter, but we realize now that we are dealing with a very special child.

So today, we took a different approach to coaxing BP out of the womb. We call the approach "the hook".

Here are some examples of the hook:
1) This morning I read half of "The Little Engine that Could". I didn't finish the book, so BP doesn't know whether the engine makes it over the big hill. Therefore, we have hooked BP into a story that he/she can only hear the ending in the outside world.

2) Mark has been telling the beginning of jokes, but not the punch line. For example, "A priest, a rabbi and superman walk into a bar and the bartender says..." Hooked!

3) Finally, we have narrated all the fun events of today. This morning Mark and I went for walk on a woody path and we marvelled at the foliage, but lamented that only people in the outside world could enjoy this beauty. Hooked!!

I am not sure if the new approach will work, but Mark and I have been hamming it up all day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Waiting Game!

We have officially entered the waiting game! Friday was my last day of work and so now it is really becoming a reality! Mark and I have been enjoying our last few weeks before BP arrives. We went to the OU game last weekend with friends and this weekend we are enjoying more outings with friends. Tomorrow, we are finally going to have brunch at the art museum and enjoy the new exhibit. People keep asking us if we are ready and I think we can both confidently say YES. I mean as ready as you can be!

Below are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks including the home opener for the OKC Thunder game. I have also included the third stage of my elbow process. It is a one size fits all brace, so it fits me perfectly!!