Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clark - 3 months

Clark is three months old and his personality has really blossomed! He is definitely a people person! Ellen started back to work this month so our mother's and our neighbor have each watched Clark for us. He has loved his time with each of them!

Three month milestones:
- laughing! Clark has the cutest laugh. The first few times he was surprised by his laugh and it quickly turned into a cry. Now he is used to laughing and responds to it best through tickling.
- grabs at toys in play gym - Clark has a little play gym and he is starting to squeeze on the animals.
- leg and arm movement - He is constantly pumping his arms and legs up and down when placed on his back.
- greater head control - He is starting to use his bumbo!
- smiles and eye contact - He loves people and tries to make eye contact with people when he is introduced to them. Once he locks eyes, he usually smiles.

What he loves:
- going on walks
- the zoo - We became members of the zoo and we have gone three times since joining!
- looking in the mirror
- Baby Yoga
- Daddy tickling him!
- swaddling (not sure how we are going to kick the habit!)
- play dates
- flying in the air

What he does not love:
- not being the center of attention!
- Los Angeles Lakers

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clark rolls over!

Clark started rolling over from his stomach to his back this week! The video below is one minute (long in viewing time), but totally worth it. You can also see Clark's award winning smile!
The commentary is by my mom and I. I do actually say run over instead of rolled over which is slightly embarrassing, but the video is too good not to post!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

Oklahoma City got hit with another blizzard!! The last blizzard was during the Christmas Holidays in 2009! This blizzard was a little different because the temperature outside was ferociously cold. Yesterday, the temperature was at -15 with the windchill. Oklahoma City shut down as did my work and Mark's work! (Mark is on vacation, so we are hoping that he gets those days back!) It was actually nice to be cooped in for a couple of days. Clark enjoyed getting tons of love from us and we finally heard him laugh! Hopefully we will get a video up soon.

Here are a few pics from Snowmegedan 2011:

Clark in his snow pajamas!
Clark taking a nap after a long day of playing with mom and dad!

Yes, that is me! I was preparing to go outside. The weather people on the news make you think you are going to die outside, so I was not going to let frostbite find me!
Mark shoveling the driveway! It took us over two hours!
Clark and Mark taking a nap. So cute!!

Month by Month photo

We, like many other parents, decided to select one of Clark's stuffed animals that he would be pictured with each month. Surprise - we selected a tiger!! Mark's dad got Clark this tiger and it is by far his largest one! We actually took a picture at week one and week two. I think we took the most of Clark at his first week photo op! Mark gets all the credit for taking these pictures!!