Friday, January 27, 2012

Afternoon excursion to Stillwater

Mark and I went up with friends to Stillwater for the Missouri vs okie state basketball game. Besides the fact that we lost to an unranked opponent and that Mizzou was #2 in the nation, we had an enjoyable afternoon. We explored downtown and the campus. Our plan was to go to the National Wrestling Museum, but the $5 entrance fee was too steep for us. We also hit up Eskimo Joe's and indulged in some cheese fries and cold beer!

Thanks Nona!

My mom came into town for a few days so that Mark and I could go on excursion to Stillwater, Ok. Clark loved having his Nona in town. She taught Clark to say 'duck'! He also had a blast during bath time. I tried to sneak in and video it, but Clark failed to cooperate. As soon as he saw the camera, he lost focus on bath time. This little guy enjoys being filmed :)!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nap Time

I love listening to Clark settle down into his nap. He never falls right asleep. I always close the door far enough to block the sound, but not too far because I want to peek in. We usually put him in the crib holding a book. He usually flips threw a few pages and babbles. He then will walk around the crib and eventually fling his body on to the mattress. Then he repeats it all. Read, babble, stand, walk and fling until finally he will fall to the bed in exhaustion with his bottom in the air.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Puzzle pieces

This story has two story lines:

1) Clark isn't even into puzzles yet. He likes to carry the pieces around and then use them as cymbals. In other words, the sound is more entertaining than the puzzle.

2) I am never sure what will capture Clark's attention for long periods of time. For example, I have handed Clark a piece of paper in the car and he will play with it for 10 minutes. The puzzle has worked the same away. Little by little Clark would grab pieces and play with them and then hide or drop them somewhere. I didn't mind because it bought me some time, but now

This is what our puzzle looks like this:

For the next week, Mark and I are going on a hunt for the puzzle pieces. (I think other parents will enjoy this story, because you have been there too!) We will let you know how successful we are and where we found the different pieces.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Clark's hair is awesome! He was born with a lot of hair and even had his first haircut at 8 months. We are letting it grow for now:)

A revival of the blog? Maybe!

I have a love hate relationship with blogging. I really enjoy reading my friend's blog. At work, I have them saved on my favorites and the blogs are a joy of my work day. The problem for me is that I haven't quite figured out what I want out of my blog. The other problem is a question of who is my audience and what do I want to share. With the arrival of Clark, my focus turned to him and his milestones and budding personality. I wanted to use the blog as a journal of sorts. It was hard and daunting and to be honest milestones come and go pretty quickly. Luckily, I have a small journal where I write one thing about Clark each day. This journal should assist me, but I don't want to share everything. Some of its personal and some of its very uninteresting:)!

So in the new year, we will try again. I will try to do an entry twice a week. One entry will be a photo (I stole this idea from a friend) capturing a moment that I don't want to forget from the week. The other entry will be an update on the Poges! I think this is doable!

Enjoy loyal readers!