Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New addition to the Poges...

The Poges are not master landscapers by any stretch of the imagination, but there were some unsightly dying evergreen trees/bushes at the front of our house that needed dealing with. Initially there were 3 and one had already died and our neighbor's nephew (professional contractor) cut it down for us about a year ago. Ellen and I love planting trees so I had to cut down the other 2 to prepare the way for our new tree. It was my first experience with a chainsaw (rented from Home Depot) and I managed to cut down the other 2 without losing any fingers/toes. Special thanks to our neighbor Katy for helping get the chain back on after it fell off at the start of the cutting.

Then Ellen and I had to clear out all of the overgrown weeds and ivy which was no easy task.

Everyone, meet Bernice (named after my grandmother). She is a Little Gem Magnolia. Should provide us with lots of large white flowers all summer long.

Bernice is welcomed to the family by her older sister Delores.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Clark went on his first easter egg hunt yesterday! He collected four eggs with the help of his kind parents!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clark turns 5 months!!

Wow! What a difference 5 months makes! Five month old babies are very enjoyable. Clark prefers attention from us, but he can definitely entertain himself. He loves life. Seriously, I know it is hard to imagine a five month old embracing each day, but Clark does! Clark had his first airport and airplane experience this month. He was awesome. We went to St. Louis for a sorority sister's wedding, but were also able to squeeze in time with Mark's parents and brother in law. We made a 24 hour trip and had four flights!

Five month milestones:
- Clark is so close to sitting up on his own. I am thinking he will be there by 6 months!
- He mimics sounds and gestures. The other day he made a "b" sound.
- He rolls over a lot! If we walk away for a few minutes, Clark manages to roll into the most interesting places.
- He can pull objects down from his play gym. (Superman like strength :))
- He recognizes Mark and I when we pick him up at daycare.

What he loves:
- When Mark tickles him.
- Being outside. If Clark is upset, we will just walk outside for a few minutes and he will calm down.
- Watching us eat! He is fascinated by food.
- Putting his fists in his mouth when he is really happy. It almost looks like he is saying "Aw shucks, you are so funny."
- Bath time - Clark will splash around during his bath.
- Our sweet next door neighbor who is five years old. I think she might be his first crush when he gets older!
- Sleeping on his belly with his bottom in the air!
- His first fiesta party and being able to wear the shirt Nona bought him in Mexico.

What he does not like:
- loud noises
- being hungry

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My 30th Birthday!

I am not sure when I found out about golden birthdays. I like to imagine that I was eating ice cream at a birthday party in Paris and someone explained to me the magical phrase "golden birthday". A golden birthday is when your age and your date of birth match. My golden birthday was my 30th on March 30th! I initially wanted to go on a big trip for my 30th and then I remembered that I had a four month old and the trip was not as enticing.

In college, my roommates and I threw a random t-shirt party. I thought it was the perfect party because you could wear jeans and a t-shirt and I wasn't really into getting all jazzed up. Fast forward and I was looking for fun invitations for my 30th and I found a Nameapalooza birthday. It was destiny! For my birthday, Mark threw me an Ellenpalooza party and everyone was encouraged to wear a funny tshirt.

I couldn't have asked for a better evening for the party. My mother offered to make the food, Mark bought cupcakes from cuppies & joe and my neighbor Katy supplied the perfect party supplies. Mark and I had so much fun and were so thankful that all of our friends were able to make it out to celebrate.

The next night Mark planned a one night staycation in OKC complete with my parents & brother watching Clark overnight. We ate at Ludvine (a new local restaurant that changes their menu weekly) and then headed over to the civic center. We saw the world premiere (their words not ours) of the OKC ballet, philharmonic and choral on one stage. It was awesome and I now want to enroll in adult ballet! We stayed the night at the Colcord and I definitely recommend staying there if you are in town.

All in all my golden birthday exceeded my expectations! Poor Mark's golden birthday is August 1st, so unfortunately Mark was unable to celebrate his golden birthday in style! The pictures are in reverse order!