Monday, August 31, 2009

North Carolina!!!

May 2009:
Our good friend Colen was getting married to her German Air Force man in NC. It also so happened to be our 4th Anniversary so we made a vacation out of it.

Had to crop this picture down for 2 reasons. First: This blog is and will remain no worse than rated PG (Ellen is in a 2-piece; thanks to our agreement if I finished the 1/2 Marathon, she would wear a 2-piece). Second: our computer screen could not handle the brightness of our whiteness!

Reason #287,639 of why you should do blogs in a timely manner: I have no idea what the name if this ship is.
4 wonderful years!!!

Ellen Walks!!!

May 16, 2009. College of Arts & Science graduation. Ellen gets her Master's in Public Administration and gets the chance to walk at graduation (she missed her undergrad graduation).
Everyone with a 4.0 stand up!!! Yep, that's right, it might not look like she is standing up, but she is. Way to go Ellen!!!
Don't worry everyone, she said she would still cheer for Mizzou if they played the Sooners!!

2009 Kentucky Derby

Our 2nd Kentucky Derby Party (first one in Oklahoma). Grillin' on the front porch, big hats, lots of friends... fun was had by all.

Standing room only!!!

2009 Big XII Men's Tourney

Well, it has been WAY TOO LONG since this blog has been updated, and we have probably lost what few readers we had, but I am bringin' it back baby!!! The next few entries are going to catch you up to what we are doing now via a few big events since we last updated (the last time it snowed in OKC).
Mizzou won. It rocked. 'Nuff said.