Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyday is a little better!

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since the great fall! Wow! Last Friday, I went in for surgery on my elbow. The surgery went well. Before and after surgery, a labor nurse was sent down to listen to the baby's heartbeat. It was the best sound to hear after the surgery.

The actual surgery took less than two hours. My anesthesiologist thought it would best if I had a block on my left arm. The block would numb my arm for 10-12 hours and would allow me to have less general anesthesia. The block called for a shot between my left shoulder and neck! This shot proved to me that I am no longer in fear of needles! During the surgery, my surgeon drilled two headless screws into my elbow to put everything back in place. The screws are permanent, but they are small enough that I should not set off the metal detectors at an airport. Don't worry I can become a card carrying member of "metal inside me club"! It is real!!

The first 48 hours after the surgery were the worst days of the entire process. I was in constant pain and the medicine was not giving me a break. Mark was so good with me. The first night I woke him up every 30 minutes to do something for me! He was so positive and kept telling me that it would get better. Unfortunately, Mark started his in-patient rotation at the hospital on Sunday. My parents who were in California decided to fly back early, so that my mom could take care of me. Mark and I were SO grateful!! My mom drove me around, sat on our front porch with me and ran out to pick up food and medication! I could never thank Mark or my mom enough for their support!

On Monday, things started to take a turn for the better! Each day has been a little easier. Tomorrow, I go back to the doctor. The plan is to take off the splint. I will then have to wear a brace on my elbow for 6-8 weeks. Of course this will be a challenge since the baby is due in a month, but I keep saying it could have been much worse. Mark and I are just so excited to meet BP that the challenges seem so minor.

Thanks to all of you for your cards, emails, food, rides and support!!