Sunday, August 10, 2008

We moved!!

Mark and I moved to our new home last week!! Once we decided that we were going to stay in Oklahoma City, we went on an aggressive hunt for a house. We had already predetermined the neighborhoods that we liked and they all had the theme of historic. Our house was built circa 1920 and we love it! We discovered in our search for an old home that many old homes have character, which includes very poor layout. Luckily, we think we found the best of both worlds an old home with a functional layout and minimal house projects. We moved in last weekend with the help of my parents! There are some major advantages with living close to family, they can be roped into helping with big projects. We honestly could not be happier with our house and we would love for everyone to come and visit. As Mark says: (1) We have a spare bedroom and we are not afraid to use it & (2) Oklahoma City was recently listed as the top tourist attraction in central Oklahoma! Come and enjoy the fun!!!