Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had an awesome Valentine's Day!! Valentine's Day was also election day and there was a heated school board election in our neighborhood. Clark and I started off the day by voting and then grabbing coffee. FYI: This is considered a PERFECT morning for me. I love voting and I love it more when I feel like my vote is actually making a difference. That afternoon I attended a Valentine's Day party at Clark's school. He seems to have Mark and my sweet tooth as his first food pick was heart shaped marshmallows. See below for pictures of him shoving the marshmallow in his mouth:) That night we had a homemade heart shaped pizza (a tradition Mark and I started 7 years ago!) and attended the victory/watch party for our school board pick. All in all it was a perfect day!

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marci said...

oh, don't you just love the feeling of a vote? it makes me want to do a karate kick. i loved the newspaper picture too!

clark is just as adorable as he could be. what a cute little group of valentine's!